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January 23, 24  2023

Mahatma Gandhi International Conference Centre
Niamey, Niger

Featured Speakers

Featured Speakers


Since the last Conference held in Berlin in 2018, the crisis in the Lake Chad Basin has worsened, with increased violence, development deficits, humanitarian needs, and barriers to access to basic social services, production systems and humanitarian support. As a result, 5.3 million people remain displaced in the region. The combined consequences of increasing instability, the COVID-19 pandemic long-term effects, the impact of climate change and economic shocks have exacerbated the humanitarian situation. The Governments of Niger, Germany and Norway, together with the United Nations are co-hosting the 3rd High-level Conference on the Lake Chad Region, on 23-24 January 2023 in Niamey, Niger. The two-day conference will focus on renewing commitment to addressing these needs, enabling a quicker return to peace and stability, and building the resilience of over 24 million people affected by the crisis.


Day 1:

Focus on the humanitarian, stabilization and development priorities and the need to create a safe environment for civilians, people-centered solutions to displacement including a way forward for internally displaced persons, refugees and host communities.

Day 2:

Focus on a comprehensive approach to reversing the trend of recruitment by extremist groups, addressing climate change and insecurity and their consequences on food security, and mobilizing new partnerships and impactful investments for the Lake Chad Region

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